Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)                 B. Carpenter, Ed.
Request for Comments: 9283                             Univ. of Auckland
BCP: 39                                                        June 2022
Updates: 2850                                                           
Category: Best Current Practice                                         
ISSN: 2070-1721

                IAB Charter Update for RFC Editor Model


   This document updates the IAB Charter (RFC 2850) to be consistent
   with version 3 of the RFC Editor Model (RFC 9280).

Status of This Memo

   This memo documents an Internet Best Current Practice.

   This document is a product of the Internet Engineering Task Force
   (IETF).  It represents the consensus of the IETF community.  It has
   received public review and has been approved for publication by the
   Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG).  Further information on
   BCPs is available in Section 2 of RFC 7841.

   Information about the current status of this document, any errata,
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Table of Contents

   1.  Introduction
   2.  Changed Text
   3.  Approval
   4.  IANA Considerations
   5.  Security Considerations
   6.  Normative References
   Author's Address

1.  Introduction

   In version 3 of the RFC Editor Model defined by [RFC9280], the RFC
   Series is governed by its own mechanisms.  This requires a
   modification to the Internet Architecture Board Charter [RFC2850].

   Also, RFC 2850 states that the RFC Editor appoints a liaison member
   to the IAB.  This is no longer necessary.

2.  Changed Text

   In Section 1.2 ("Ex-Officio and Liaison members") of [RFC2850], the
   phrase "the RFC Editor," is deleted.

   In Section 2 ("The Role of the IAB") of [RFC2850], under the heading
   "(d) RFC Series and IANA", the following sentence:

   |  The IAB must approve the appointment of an organization to act as
   |  RFC Editor and the general policy followed by the RFC Editor.

   is replaced by:

   |  The RFC Editor function is defined under the authority of the IAB
   |  by [RFC9280].

3.  Approval

   This document is published as an IETF Best Current Practice.  It has
   also been approved by the IAB and acknowledged by the Board of
   Trustees of the Internet Society.

4.  IANA Considerations

   This document has no IANA actions.

5.  Security Considerations

   This document should not affect the security of the Internet.

6.  Normative References

   [RFC2850]  Internet Architecture Board and B. Carpenter, Ed.,
              "Charter of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB)",
              BCP 39, RFC 2850, DOI 10.17487/RFC2850, May 2000,

   [RFC9280]  Saint-Andre, P., Ed., "RFC Editor Model (Version 3)",
              RFC 9280, DOI 10.17487/RFC9280, June 2022,


   Useful comments were received from John Klensin, Eliot Lear, Peter
   Saint-Andre, Rich Salz, and others.

Author's Address

   Brian E. Carpenter (editor)
   The University of Auckland
   School of Computer Science
   PB 92019
   Auckland 1142
   New Zealand
   Email: brian.e.carpenter@gmail.com